Meaning installment loans

Meaning installment loans

Applying this function you can easily execute complete or disbursements that are partial an installment loan.

Utilize this function for loans which can be in line with the item category Installment Loans (360).

Utilize the matching disbursement function for loans according to other product groups.


Disbursement for Installment Loans is straight from the functions that are following

Workplace for Company Operations

You need to use this function at work for Business Operations.

To find out more, see Business Operations.

In Stops Management you can easily set stops for a financial loan that prevent its disbursement.

To learn more, see avoid.

You will generate communication the disbursement.



You’ve got developed a minumum of one loan into the Installment Loan (360) item category because of the agreement status.

You get these Customizing settings for Loans Management:

When you look at payday loans AK the IMG task describe Product kinds, you’ve got defined the basic properties for the item.

Inside IMG task business Code-Dependent Settings for Product Type, you have got determined or perhaps a system includes the disbursement when calculating the interest value day. Read more

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