For those who have a super good friend, and you’re suddenly planning to brush the hair

For those who have a super good friend, and you’re suddenly planning to brush the hair


And placed on your swaggy leather jeans and I also don’t understand… usage eye falls her, then that means something before you see. This means one thing that we want to attract sexually because we want to look hot for people. End of tale.

Drunken love does feel weird n’t.

Sometimes whenever I’m super wasted I’ll lay on my companion Owen’s lap or sling my supply around my other closest friend Eduardo’s attractive little shoulder. But they’re both gay guys and having touchy together with them seems akin to snuggling some of those giant teddy that is stuffed from FAO Schwarz.


I’m a lesbian. Therefore then that’s a big warning sign for me if i get touchy-feely with a girl, and it feels right. I don’t get EVER that is touchy-feely my straight girlfriends or my completely platonic lesbian friends free sex cam. However if we begin to get all pretty and snuggly with another lez, and instantly I’m dropping into her arms when I’m loose and drunk rather than within my head—I’m feelings that are definitely feeling beyond the safe realms of “friendship. ”

Your eyes illuminate when you speak about her.

Don’t misunderstand me, i enjoy my buddies. I’m proud of all of the epic shit they’ve accomplished within their quick everyday lives. I adore them.


My eyes don’t illuminate like a million trillion twinkling Christmas lights once I speak about them. Among the surefire signs i love, like a woman is when my mom says “Darling, your eyes illuminate when you talk about her! ” That’s whenever I know I’m screwed.

See, the eyes, they don’t lie. You may. But your eyes will maybe not.

You can’t stop contemplating her.

Whenever I’m teeming with anxiety sometimes I’ll feel compelled to text one of my besties and on occasion even a friend that is new for help. Read more

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